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5 Ways To Create Compelling Visual Content for Social Media

Visuals are essential for creating content that will draw in an audience on social media. That’s because humans are visual beings and we process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text.

Almost every brand on the market uses social media to tailor their messages and promote their offers by posting content on social media networks. As brands on social media battle for attention, visual content is key for your social media marketing success.

Proof, you ask? Well, have a look at our good friend Google. Google changes its look every day to create a reason to visit its landing page and use its search engine.

It’s no secret the majority of marketers rely on visuals to draw attention to their posts. However, marketers often lack the skills or resources to consistently create engaging visuals, so they take the common road and suffer the consequences.

So without wasting time, let’s dive right in. Below, we’ll look at 5 smart ways to inspire you to put your brand’s own vision on display.

Use GIFs

There are many reasons why using GIFs on your brand’s social media channels is a fantastic idea. GIFs are entertaining and fun to look at. They are great for catching the attention of your audience and increase brand awareness.

GIFs are mobile friendly and can help your brand boost engagement. Experimenting with GIFs on your feeds also helps to bring variation to an otherwise boring timeline.

If you want to create your own GIFS, Motionleap is an app that makes photo animation fun and simple with a variety of special effects, elements, backgrounds, overlays, and more.

Create Infographics

With a constant demand for bite-sized information and visual content, infographics are fantastic visuals to use. They turn numbers and figures into visually appealing content, making the information more accessible.

65% of B2B marketers are now using infographics for content marketing and the number is only rising. Coloured visuals increase a person’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.

Presenting your content as an infographic will draw your audience’s eyes and capture their attention.

Create Carousels

It’s a proven fact that carousels posts and ads increase engagement. According to Social Insider, carousels generate the highest average engagement on Instagram.

After introducing the format in 2014, Facebook reported that carousel ads deliver lower conversion costs and substantially higher engagement.

Carousel ads enable your brand to highlight specific details about one product, showcase different products and offers, or tell a story with images or videos.

Utilize Your Stories

Hootsuite says 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day and one-third of the most-viewed stories come from businesses.

Stories is a big (and growing) hit on Instagram and Facebook for brands. Heck, even LinkedIn’s got in on the stories action now.

If you’re not using the story feature regularly, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to engage your audience. Stories offer a way to deliver fun content that looks and feels more personalized.

Subtitle Your Videos

85% of Facebook and Instagram users watch videos on mute. Moreover, there are millions of people who are either deaf or hard of hearing. The solution? Add subtitles to your videos.

“Video gets them to slow their scroll, but captions get them to engage,” writes Andy Crestodina in a guest post for TechSmith.

It helps viewers understand the video with the sound turned off whilst on the move, in a public space or in a noisy environment.


As you can see, visual content is a critical part of social media marketing. By incorporating high-quality visual content into your social media marketing strategy, you can earn more engagement, more shares, and more follows from your target audience. This is especially critical for companies that deal directly with consumers.

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